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The Honey Story

I would always wish I had just the right thing to cover this or that so I could wear all these cool sheer dresses in my closet. I knew it had to be super silky like my well loved vintage spaghetti strap slip that was slowly dying. I was just gonna make one for myself and be done but then I helped a friend make her see thru wedding dress work and realized it was something a lot of girls would use!  My husband Jay Jay iced the cake when he promised to handle all the business type stuff that for me was such a deal breaker.  The things that would bum me out before I could even get started.  He made it so I could really focus on design and creating a strong brand.

We run our company out of hour home in San Clemente, CA.  Neither of us can believe how popular the Honey Slip has become and are scrambling to keep up with the demands.  We are thankful every single day and guess what else?  We still like eachother! 

Can I get a HECK YEAH?!!

Kimi Encarnacion